If you want to migrate playlists of version 1.6.0 or below to the new version, please read the following.

Alternate download
BaiDu Disk

System requirements

Operating systemWindows 7Windows 10 +

Install and uninstall

This software does not need to be installed. You just need to unzip it and run SounDevil.

User settings and other data are stored in the user folder. If the program location has write permission, the user folder will be placed in the program folder, otherwise it will be placed in C:\Users\[current user]\AppData\Roaming\SounDevil

The software will not write anything to the system directory or registry. To uninstall, just delete the program folder.

Update from old version

To migrate settings, lists, etc., you only need to copy the user folder to the new version.

The playlist (radio list) file format of version 1.6.1 has changed, the new format is common to 32-bit and 64-bit software.
Copy the user folder of the old version to the new version, if you run SounDevil without conversion, the playlist content will be cleared!
Conversion steps:
Unzip the new version of SounDevil, unzip boost_to_cereal to the new version folder, copy the old user to the new version folder.
Run boost_to_cereal_x86.exe and boost_to_cereal_x64.exe once each.
Open SounDevil, if the contents of the lists are OK, you can delete boost_to_cereal.